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Thread: We're in crisis mode

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    We're in crisis mode

    "We're in crisis mode;" Surge in pre-foreclosure notices in Erie County

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) In March of this year, 29-hundred homeowners in Erie County received pre-foreclosure default notices. Fast forward to this month, 45-hundred local homeowners have received pre-foreclosurenotices.
    "An additional 1600 people in Erie County are facing foreclosure in the past three months. This is not trending in the right direction," said Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns. "We're in crisis mode. I believe we're going to have more foreclosures."

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    Tony Fracasso - Admin
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    I'm curious what do he or other expect?

    You bought a house and now can't afford the house. We do happen to have some of the highest taxes in the USA in some spots of Erie County. That all factors in to the cost of living here. Now since the Erie County Democrat's endorsed candidate is in the white house it's like gas and food are far more expensive.

    I hope no one is thinking about bailing people out of the foreclosures.

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