pictured above :YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS HONORED: Left to right, Olivia “Libby” Brooks, Riya Michelle, Kevin “Wavykid Kev” Northington, Brenton “BJ” White * and EMPower716 Talk Show host,*certified life and leadership coach Robert Lowery.
EMPower716 Talk Show recently honored four young, talented entrepreneurs from western New York to complete its second season of equipping startup leaders and business owners with tools and resources for success. The live interview with all four honorees was * featured on * May 9 at 5pm.
This acknowledgment is part of the podcast’s Young Entrepreneurs Recognition program. It awards $500 to an entrepreneur every month who’s 21 years old or younger, offering a value-driven product or service, and taking steps to become a business owner.
“I am extremely proud of all the great work each honoree has accomplished and continues to do in their business and life,” says EMPower716 Talk Show host Robert Lowery.
The list of honorees includes the following:
•Brenton “BJ” White:* This 7-year-old is the founder of BuildingwithBJ , a community that empowers young boys to be brave, foster unity, share intelligence, show love, and dream big.
•Olivia “Libby” Brooks: The creator and owner of Libby’s Lemonade Stand, this 12-year-old female entrepreneur provides fresh lemonade and fruit and veggie blends.
•Riya Michelle:* This 18-year-old is the founder of Cocoa Cosmetics, a women-owned beauty brand that offers high-quality, handmade, cruelty-free, and vegan products that are affordable and suitable for all skin types, tones, and textures.
•Kevin “Wavykid Kev” Northington: A licensed barber and social media influencer, Kevin is a 19-year-old who cuts hair in his community and inspires kids who want to achieve great things like him.
“Honoring these young entrepreneurs is another step EMPower716 Talk Show is taking to uplift business owners, especially those who are people of color. When starting a business, minorities face significant disadvantages like unequal access to credit and difficulty paying operating expenses,” Lowery continued.
“Young entrepreneurs see the obstacles that older business owners in their community face. However, supporting their companies and entrepreneurial spirits helps them gain confidence to successfully push past common obstacles.”
EMPower716 Talk Show welcomes others to join its mission of supporting young entrepreneurs’ growth and business success. Corporations and individuals can help promote up-and-coming business owners by reaching out to get involved in the Young Entrepreneurs Recognition Program.
This initiative has helped previous honorees increase their awareness, credibility, and trust. With the support of corporations and individuals, young entrepreneurs who are honored by the program in the future will see even greater success.
About EMPower716 Talk Show:*EMPower716 Talk Show is hosted by certified life and leadership coach Robert Lowery. It features live interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners and airs online weekly. It’s also available on audio podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google *you can also find on*Facebook*