Arg. I can't find the thread on the orange tree

Back in 2004 or so I purchased an orange tree from a man in Allentown. I told someone I went with I bet I could grow them an orange. The guy selling plants claim to fame was heritage tomatos. That was the main reason to go.

This was shortly after I potted it up.

Orange Tree

Years went by


The tree grew

Orange Tree

And grew

Orange Tree

Would develop a few buds but I couldn't get the thing to grow an orange

Orange Tree

I would get a few flowers but that was about it

Orange Tree Flower

But I kept on trying. This is 2013... Every spring it went outside... every fall it came inside but we don't have a window that really gave it the light that it needed over the winter.

orange tree

For the most part if it did bud I only had a few on the entire tree

Orange Blossoms

Finally after 17+ years it seemed pointless. I finally decided why am I doing this. Year after year removing peanuts that the squirrels would hide in the soil. Making sure it was watered. Making sure it didn't get infested with bugs. Picking it back up if the wind blew it down. The tree is as tall as I am. I asked someone if they wanted it. Told him the story and they said they can put it in a small greenhouse they have.

Well I got an email yesterday... Seems the trip to the green house is doing it good. THere are more buds in these two photos than I had in years.


Orange Tree Buds