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Thread: Cash proposes big pay increases

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    Cash proposes big pay increases

    Cash proposes big pay increases for Buffalo Public Schools' top administrators

    Dec 13, 2021 Updated 2 hrs ago

    Top Buffalo Public Schools administrators and a few non-union employees would receive raises ranging from 6% to 40% under a proposal from Superintendent Kriner Cash.

    If the School Board approves his proposal at its meeting Wednesday, the raises would likely take effect in January.

    The percentage increases are high, Cash acknowledged, but those employees’ salaries will remain at those rates for the next four years.

    So, for example, rather than receiving a 2.5% raise each of the next four years, an employee would get a 10% increase this year, and then maintain that salary level for each of the next four years.

    The 30 employees in his plan include nine associate superintendents; three lawyers; four finance officials; an investigator; and two secretaries who work in the superintendent’s office.

    Since Cash was hired in Buffalo in 2015, the administrators and non-union workers have received a 7.6% increase in pay, he said. To keep them in the district, he said he needs to increase their pay to make it comparable with districts of similar size.

    “Their performance has been excellent through Covid, and I want to make sure they all feel valued,” he said.

    For the cabinet-level administrators, he is proposing a three-tier pay scale.

    A small group of the highest-level administrators who are responsible for district-wide operations – those Cash meets with a few times a week – would make $185,000. The chief academic officer, chief technology officer and others at that level would earn $175,000.

    How can they justify this?

    Are they so full of themselves they think they deserve these raises?

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    He’s not called “Cash” for nothing. The more in his pocket the better. They want a lot of pay to “manage” an entity that ceased functioning as an institution of learning over 25 years ago.

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    I think it's just a bad time to even consider raises. Especially when they are clearly not "underpaid".

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