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Thread: Lancaster Town Board "Hires" negotiator/arbitrator

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    Arrow Lancaster Town Board "Hires" negotiator/arbitrator

    Our Lancaster Town board has scammed the "TAXPAYER"

    They claim its too hard for them to hammer out a cost saving contract with the Police Union . So they always forgo that step and hire a " Arbitrator "(TAX DOLLARS) - this is how they (Lancaster's Town Board) avoid doing their jobs or being accountable for the future and present cost to Lancaster's Tax Payers .

    I guess they want everyone to believe the Lancaster Cops (who mostly live in Lancaster) are just -
    " To hard to deal with." said Supervisor Bob (The Builder) Giza and our Town Attorney.

    When and why "Arbitration" is normally used .

    Binding arbitration is usually used after "Contract negotiations are at an impasse." (Failed)

    The normal sequence is : The Town and Union draw up proposals - they then meet and try and present their ideas : Working conditions , manpower , health care , shifts and so on . The town and Union try to reach a workable agreement. If and when they cant , thats when they agree on a arbitrator.

    The Arbitrator looks at comparisons and averages for similar size Towns and Departments . They also look at projected budgets , revenues and incomes(Taxes) . Part of what is studied is the Cities/Towns "Ability to pay"

    Part of the reason our Town goes to arbitration is to avoid accountability, they hide behind "Arbitration" . They don't even try to negotiate , with any of their employees . Take the Highway Department or Parks/Recreation - the Town Board has reduced Budgets for them from time to time .

    The truth is - Arbitration is not standard practice - the Department Heads create a Budget Request(Tax Dollars) . The Town Board can adjust or negotiate .

    It's easier to "Mislead" taxpayers into believing their hands are tied . As with many other issues - the Town Attorney has schooled Bob (The Builder) Giza many times on how to use "Parts of The Truth" - so no matter what you think you heard him say , what you understood was never what he meant .

    The Town Board feels as long as they get re-elected - you like what their doing . Is that really what the Lancaster Taxpayers are saying?
    #Dems play musical chairs + patronage and nepotism = entitlement !

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    Bullitt on "arbitration"

    Bullitt, I tend to agree with your perception on how the "arbitration" process works and how the town is always saying their hands are tied in the negotiations.

    If anyone has contrary thoughts, lets hear them.

    Considering this is an election year, the powers to be have pleased a lot of the town employees with salary increases and toys.

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