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Thread: Erie County implements county-wide mask mandate

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    Erie County implements county-wide mask mandate

    Erie County implements county-wide mask mandate as part of four-part COVID approach

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    The old Grump predicted weeks ago on another thread on this site that the Democratic Totalitarians would step in to try to destroy the holiday season again using Covid as an excuse and here we are. Widdle Markie loves to bandy about bed counts as proof of Covid without telling you how many hospitalizations are actually Covid cases. The only thing that I know is that if a community has lots and lots of empty hospital beds it has too many hospital beds, not too few sick people. And ICU beds are always nearly full because there aren’t that many. Bare numbers tell you nothing. The one statistic that exists today, as it did a year ago, is that under widdle Markie’s failed leadership, the county health dept continues to sit on positive test results for as much as a week or more before notifying the infected. Also, note that widdle Markie exempted the billionaire Pegulas from the masking requirements while again targeting small businesses.

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    Never in the history of New York State high school sports has a county executive ordered his county health department to intervene in a high school football playoff game to influence the outcome of that game in favor of a local team until widdle Markie did just that last week. Residents of Erie County should be ashamed that their county executive would stoop so low.

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    Feel free to go without a mask in the grocery stores. Both Dash's and Tops haven't said anything when I've shopped mask free.
    I have to wear a mask 10 hours a day at work. I'm not doing it in my personal life.

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