We helped with this last year. I'm going to help again this year.

Dear Family and Friends,

I want to introduce the project I’m working on this year for the holiday. It’s called “Blankets, Books, and Buddies.” In a nutshell, each one of the 48 children I teach at Dr. Charles R. Drew, Buffalo Public School #59, will receive a warm blanket, some books, a stuffed animal, a toy, and a stocking of treats. This project has been approved by administration at my school.

This year I wanted to center my project around literacy because our students either don’t own a single book or own very few of their own, so they are not reading as much as they should be. Hopefully this will encourage more reading at home, which will increase their reading levels. Keep in mind, our students have many different ethnicities, so we want to make sure the books reflect them too. Also, reading levels range from kindergarten to third grade.

The “buddy” is going to be a stuffed animal that they can read to and snuggle up with under their new warm blanket. I’m trying to stay away from the small rolled fleece blankets only because I want to give them something suitable for winter. Last year parents said this was their best gift!

The toy can be anything. Family games are always a good idea but really anything is fine. The kids are all 7 or 8 years old.

And lastly, Each child is going to receive a stocking that has snacks and other random things, like socks, toothbrushes, etc.

If funds and donations allow, I want to include a fun pillow too.

There are several ways to help:

1. Adopt a child. You’ll shop for the above items for a boy or a girl.

2. Shop any of the above items. For example, if you only wanted to buy books or toys, you could shop for those.

3. Donate cash in person, Venmo, or PayPal and I can shop for you. (PM me for account info)

4. Shop via my Amazon wish list. It’s not up and running yet, but it will be soon.

Last year, the project I did was an overwhelming success, but I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and family. I’m confident we can make this happen this year too.

Deadline for all donations is December 10th!!

Kitty Hull