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Blown engine idles taco truck
Business First of Buffalo - by James Fink

Where’s Lloyds?

That’s the question that’s being asked these days in downtown Buffalo about the mysterious disappearance of Lloyd’s taco truck, a mere two weeks after its debut.

The quick answer is a blown engine has temporarily put Lloyd’s into dry dock.

Peter Cimino, one of Lloyd’s owner, said he was driving to his downtown location at the corner of Main and Mohawk streets Monday morning when dark smoke started pouring out from underneath the hood. An emergency stop at his mechanic’s gave Cimino the bad news - the truck’s engine was blown.

“I’m not much of a mechanic or tech, so I don’t know technically what’s wrong, only that it is expensive,” Cimino said.

Cimino and his friends are holding a fund raiser on Friday night at 200 Amherst Street to help secure the necessary monies to repair the truck. Repair costs could top $8,000, Cimino said.

“Even if I have to beg for change on the corner, I will get the money,” Cimino said. “Rest assured, we will be back and hopefully by next week.”

Lloyd’s is downtown’s first street vendor to sell tacos and burritos. The truck has been greeted by long lines and happy customers since it debuted on July 28.

Downtown leaders hope Lloyd’s will serve as a template for other street vendors to sell food items other than hot dogs.

“The good news in all this is that we’ve been swamped with calls from people asking us to hurry back,” Cimino said.

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