Cheryl Glinski Cummings "We all need to call the Town to clean the sewers so the flooding doesn’t happen"

That isn't what our town needs to do...

I'm going to just let that sit there and stew...

This is what some people believe we need to do to fix the flooding issues our town faces.

I have people on facebook message me "If you know better why don't you run for office?"

What if someone has been watching how the town is ran for over 15+ years knows it's so screwed up you can't really fix it? It isn't just the group that runs the town it's the group of voters that keep voting the same group in year after year.

You would need a massive amount of money to structurally change the town's drainage system. Then if you had that massive amount of money do you really want the group who has been running our town to be the ones that decides what to do with it?

Any group of people who are active in the who supported the mess we have in the white house are not competent to make decisions that effect us property/business owners. Including being part of the group who for 4 years basically had a constant temper tantrum while Trump was in office. Now that the durham report is released we see that the DNC/Hillary basically lied constantly about Russia Russia Russia while the news media fed into it. I don't want people part of that group who would do that making decisions that effect me.