Seeing facebook has been down most of the day I'm posting this here.

I've been working on a project with a guy from Accra Ghana Africa.

I think we started to message 5+ years ago... Just basic how is the weather talk.

He mentioned he wants to come to the USA and it takes money to do it properly. I said well start up a youtube channel and monetize it.

A few weeks later he made a point that is tough with just a basic cell phone. He is a house painter/plaster laborer.

So I said I'll get you a used laptop and ship it over. The laptop was easy but getting it there turned into an expensive hassle. So short story is I sold the laptop and sent him the cash so he could buy a used laptop. He did.

Now I want to get him a printer and USB cell adapter for internet. I'm going to help him setup a webpage to promote his skill set.

New printer over there is about $150. Cell USB adapter is about $70. Basic internet is about $20 US a month.

He is still surprised he now owns a laptop.

A few more people dropped some computers off and I'm cleaning them up for sale. Old but work well

I just finished this one up.

Dell Optiplex 790

8 Gigs
500 gig HD
Intel i5-2400 3.1 Ghz CPU
Legal copy of Windows 10 pro

Works fine. All drivers are loaded and updates.
Warranty ended Sept 2014

$75 bucks.

If you look at walmart for refurbished computers

Looks like a unit like this starts at about $150 or so.