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Thread: Elected Republican candidates reject invite to Republican Committee meeting

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    Elected Republican candidates reject invite to Republican Committee meeting

    The Lancaster Republican Party Committee held its first post primary election meeting tonight – June 28,2021.

    Republican Party Chair Gregg Smith, as well as other committee members, privately and publicly invited the winning opposing primary candidates to the party’s endorsed candidates to appear and ‘end the divisiveness’.

    Smith Facebook 6-26-2021.jpg

    The elected Republican Party primary challengers, endorsed and winners of the Conservative Party primary as well, handily defeated the Republican Party’s endorsed candidates. Winners and representing Republican and Conservative Party lines in November are:

    Town Justice – Anthony Cervi
    Highway Superintendent – John Pilato
    Town Council – Adam Dickman
    Town Council – Mark Burkard

    The four elected Republican candidates were ‘no shows’ at tonight’s Republican Party committee meeting. It is not difficult to understand why as registered Republicans they interviewed, vetted, and denied endorsement. Justice Cervi and Councilmember Dickman were also incumbents. The Republican Party endorsements went to two non-registered Republicans - Highway Superintendent and a Town Council position.

    To add insult to injury, the victorious elected Republicans had designation petitions challenged by the Republican Party, had their Conservative Party designating petitions challenged (in court as well) by a non- campaigning interloper who had his petitions carried by several Republican Party committee members and even the one endorsed RINO candidate who was also endorsed by the Democratic and Working Family Parties.

    Like many others, especially independents and ‘blanks’ the decision by the winning candidates to not attend the committee meeting is appreciated as a sign that the candidates are true to their values, ethics, and commitment to serve the best interests of the community, not their own. To have attended the ‘kiss-and-makeup meeting would give the appearance of personal gain. The elected candidates have nothing to gain. They got where they are despite Republican Party support and can very well be victorious in November without help from a deceitful committee.

    Despite all machinations the colluded Republican and Democratic Parties used to undermine the victors the voters of Lancaster seen through the deceit and made the right choices. OORAH!

    The victorious candidates owe their allegiance to steadfast, principled Conservative Chair Deb Lemaster, and to Greg Sojka, a deposed Chair who held on to principled Conservative / Republican values.

    To all of them them we owe thanks for providing the voters of Lancaster a November election choice. Had the scheming that began in January to control all four political parties been successful, not only could Republican Party Chair Greg Smith have taken off the summer as he planned, the voters could have stayed home in November.

    The winning candidates not going to tonight’s Republican committee meeting was not only justified but politically wise – IMHO! Cervi, Pilato, Dickman, and Burkard did not leave the party, the party left them!

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