WHY is it always about skin color? Where people who look like us can't afford to live anymore...

I know a LOT of people who don't look like those in the meme that can't afford to live in many of the apartments in Buffalo. It's not about the color of your skin it's about what you did with your life. I know

False Solutions!!

The Green Development Zone is not it
We Know What We Want Where We Live: Gentrification

What is the PUSH Green Development Zone? If you do a simple Google search, you will find PUSH and others talking about this imaginary place as a community-based, holistic sustainable section of the City of Buffalo that was developed by engaging residents in making decisions about the projects and buildings that are happening in their community. We know what we need where we live, right?

Ha, not really! It turns out that the Green Development Zone is nothing more than a handful of blocks in the 14213 zip code that happens to contain the properties that PUSH Buffalo owns and is responsible for. PUSH Buffalo is so good at walking around this area while giving “tours'' to a handful of donors, college students, and out-of-town movement workers to show them the various buildings and projects that PUSH Buffalo has owned and/or developed over the years. The Partnership for the Public Good
wrote up a 42-page report on how great the Green Development Zone is, while PUSH has their own report calling the Green Development Zone a “community growth machine.” Hester Street Collaborative

continues to brag about engaging over 1,000 community residents to plan School 77 in the Green Development Zone, but in reality, the powers-at-be ignored the community’s ideas and turned School 77 into what they and their funders wanted instead.

PULL Buffalo is a site dedicated to exposing the toxic work environment inside People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) that has existed for many years. The toxic work environment and work culture at PUSH Buffalo is a microcosm of the labor and human rights issues that exist within the non-profit industrial complex. PUSH takes in financial resources on behalf of the community, mobilizes the language of social movements and pretends that it is working towards change – when is reality it impedes it. An organization that is nationally known for its organizing work, when put under criticism, works to safeguard its image and reputation rather than doing the necessary work to improve. This site seeks to be a source of truth in a narrative that has continually been silenced.