Migrant Caravan: Thousands Move Into Guatemala, Hoping To Reach U.S.

Guatemala security forces are attempting to block thousands of Honduran migrants from heading north towards Mexico and the U.S. border.
On Sunday, police and soldiers in riot gear confronted a caravan of migrants from Honduras on a highway near Chiquimula in southeastern Guatemala. After a tense standoff, in which police fired tear gas and attempted to beat back the migrants with batons, the surging crowd broke through a phalanx of soldiers.
Guillermo Díaz, Guatemala's top immigration official, says that since Friday 7,000-8,000 Hondurans have crossed in to Guatemala in an "irregular" manner.

So this is what the agenda of the DNC is going to give us. 1000's that will want to come over the border. They come legally and require no welfare then fine. But we have learned that isn't always the case.

Remember local elections are on the way... If you want people on your local town boards that support that's nice. In that case put your money where your mouth is and open up your homes. Adopt a family.