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Thread: Solar farm Special Use Permit approved

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark blazejewski View Post

    I have since heard from another individual who was unable to cast its vote this morning.

    Under approximately seventeen hours, including overnight hours, to vote?

    Curious, curious, curious.
    I understand a further person could not register its vote.
    Of Mike Wozniak: "He has the same ideology as Ron (Ruffino) wanted, Giza said."

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    I am requesting that the following information be filed as a permanent record.

    Regarding the town board meeting held on 04-05-2021, it is my contention that meeting was conducted in a less than professional, organized manner.

    Supervisor Ruffino, Attorney Kevin Loftus, Councilman Wozniak, and Councilman Mazur, conducted themselves more as representatives of AC Power-14 than as representatives interested in protecting the best interests of our community.

    At different times throughout the recent town board meeting, the aforementioned individuals claimed that all questions presented to AC Power-14 at the Special Use Permit public hearing and otherwise were answered. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    I voiced my concerns/questions at a previous board meeting and was advised to submit questions in writing. I assumed incorrectly that the town board would hold off on project approval until all questions posed by the public and Councilman Leary were answered. No responses to my questions were received prior to the public hearing. AC Power only answered but a few of my questions at the public hearing and thereafter to submitted questions as they requested (far from the list I submitted).

    Neither AC Power nor the town have supplied all requested information to date; the same questions asked verbally at town board meetings and submitted in writing.

    Questions still needing answering:

    Well test result

    Names of project investors

    Name of involved solar panel manufacturing company and product components

    Name of companies and products dumped at landfill site

    Type of coolant in any transformers or other equipment (hazardous materials)
    What is the depth of the sub structure into the ground that will support panel frames?

    Amount of energy savings: Amount of resident energy savings. Supervisor Ruffino says 10% on entire energy bill, 10% savings is on the electrical consumption only. (transmission line cost is not included) Savings is miniscule.

    The project is listed as a Type II Action not requiring SEQR. Why is the town waiting for NYSDEC study completion? What study is being conducted?

    During the 04-05-2021 meeting, I was pleased to hear Attorney Kevin Loftus tell me that he would discuss questions with me. I have decided to put my recorded questions once again in writing hoping that he will provide all the information I have been requesting. The public has a right to know.

    I would hope to receive the same fast and complete responses as given to AC Power. It is also my hope that all future questions and/or concerns are addressed and responded to by Attorney Loftus and/or the town board in a timely and impartial manner.

    Regarding the LIDA, my interpretation of its mission and scope does NOT comply with the AC Power project application. The solar farm project brings no business to the community nor creates any jobs other than the initial construction jobs. I am requesting that the LIDA take another look at the application. The LIDA should remove itself from this project completely.

    While pleased that project conditions were instated in the resolution at the recent town board meeting that hold the town harmless in the operation of the site and its future decommissioning, the way they were finally introduced was disturbing. The conditions should have been included in the resolution presented. That would have averted a contentious, hostile meeting. Attorney Loftus had alerted all town board members of adding resolution conditions.


    Kevin Lemaster

    c/2: Kevin Loftus

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