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Thread: It took 50 days

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    It took 50 days

    The historical record should reflect that it took the a Democratic Totalitarians 50 days from the inauguration of the walking dead to reimport Islamic terrorism to the United States after it had been banished for 4 years by Trump.

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    Another Islamic terrorist attack, this one on the Capitol and a Capitol police officer died in it. Think the Democratic Totalitarians will decry the Islamic terrorism they’re welcoming back to America? Nah, not a chance! After all, they pay thousands of dollars a year to listen to the rabid anti-Semitic ravings of the Reverend Louis Farrakhan.

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    We now have idiots in charge. The ecdems and others enabled this

    CBP on track to encounter more than 171,000 migrants in March, as border crisis escalates

    Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is on pace to have encountered more than 171,000 migrants in March alone, two sources familiar with internal CBP data told Fox News -- a dramatic increase over last year’s numbers and the latest sign that the crisis at the southern border is not subsiding.

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