Our Assembly representative is one of the leaders of the defense for Cuomo in his attempt to continue his hold on dictatorial power in New York. Her calls for patience, the need for “thoroughness” and so on are nothing more than attempts at deflection and stalling in the hope that the numerous allegations of sexual harassment, at least two of them almost certainly criminal, will die of their own weight. She worked as clerk in the Appellate Division in Rochester but I’m pretty sure that her assertion that we have to have an investigation as they do in the courts is horsedung. Courts don’t do investigations, they weigh the merits of investigations put before them by others. (Or they sit back and watch juries do that). One wonders what rewards await those who are helping Cuomo through his self-created mess. For the women involved it’s probably an invite to the Executive Mansion “to help him with a cell phone problem”. Wonder how many of them will get grabbed by the udder on their visit.