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Thread: What A Mess

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    What A Mess

    I attempted to make an appointment for covis-19 (5 times) at UB South.
    After waiting for each attempt about 17 minutes, I got into the program and filled out the required information.
    Only to hit next to finish the program then the program crashed.
    I'm still waiting to get for my wife and me to get a shot.

    Also how did the appointments at the Key Harbor Center get filed so quick before they where officially online?
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    If you don’t mind a drive check out the state fair site near Syracuse. I got my first there. The place is huge but they really move the line. And they seem to have a lot Of appointments. They just started dispensing the J&J vaccine as well as Pfizer but J&J is only dispensed at night. You know the level of corruption in this area is off the charts. You can bet friends of Erkel and Poloncarz are getting appointments locally before they’re even listed.

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