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Thread: Mr Gould is running for Erie County Sheriff.

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    Mr Gould is running for Erie County Sheriff.

    Gould, who is a 24-year veteran in Cheektowaga public service, said he would restore leadership to the sheriff's office and end fiscal irresponsibility.

    So did the ecdems interview other candidates from any party? If not that isn't in our best interest.. I don't give one **** how poltical parties are supposed to work because "politics" usually are not in property owners best interest...

    This is rich "end fiscal irresponsibility"

    People in Erie County better ask people in Cheektowaga how our property taxes are if you want to talk about fiscal irresponsibility.

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    Res, if gould should get elected the chief can always fill the assistant chief spot with punchy Trapper he deserves a raise
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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