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Thread: More Sound Public Policy from Brian Kulpa !!!!!!!

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    More Sound Public Policy from Brian Kulpa !!!!!!!

    Here's some more very positive news for Amherst residents...

    Amherst wants to become leader on green energy

    "The Town of Amherst is making a push to get more of its energy from renewable sources and to reduce its overall energy consumption.

    Amherst is looking to generate more of the electricity used in town buildings from solar arrays or, possibly, hydro power; convert streetlights to efficient LED lights; replace diesel-powered heavy equipment in the town's fleet with zero-emission machines; and reduce waste and increase recycling, among other changes.

    Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa discussed the green initiative in his State of the Town address earlier this month and again in an interview Friday.

    "It's about starting to transform the way you approach energy consumption in Western New York," he said."

    Amherst wants to become leader on green energy | Local News |

    Good to read!!

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    Another pile of crap to be subsidized by taxpayers. That crap isnít economically viable and everyone with half a brain knows it. And itís a freaking eyesore. When all those solar panel farms fail, as they already are doing, whoís on the hook for the cost of removal? Why the taxpayers of course. If thereís a way to f*ck Amherst taxpayers Kulpa will find it and waste money on it. That half-assed solar array on the UB campus on Maple Tiad is a constant source of mirth to my out of town visitors, especially when they learn that UB loses money on it every year.

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