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I disagree, grump. I have family near there and I'm in the area a lot. I remember when the deli/gas station was there and it was awful. Anyway, just a little progress and the area looks a lot nice. I'm glad they fixed it up.
Poor simple Breezy. I’m by there all the time too. There is no Saturday market. The site is a pigsty with no parking, littered with crap from the scum suckers who board and leave the NFTA buses that stop on the two sides of the empty garbage strewn lot that Kulpa calls a park that face Kenmore Ave and Niagara Falls Blvd. it’s a pigsty, just like Amherst town hall has become under that fat slob of a supervisor. But at least the town was able to scrounge up the money to buy a car for the use of its meat puppet assessor.