Under the hapless Kulpa, town taxes shot up a record over 13% in one year. Under Kulpa, Amherst town hall has become the personal outhouse for Mark Poloncarz. The dreck he has left behind is on the town payroll to the tune of over $750,000 in salary and fringe benefits. While Poloncarz and the political hack that passes for his health commissioner were shutting down privately owned skating rinks Kulpa opened the Northtown center to Poloncarz so he could sneak in there and play hockey with his buddies. Itís been well documented that Kulpa is working on a sweetheart assessment deal for the out of state billionaire who bought himself a pig in a poke known as Blvd. Mall. Kulpa is working diligently to transfer onto the backs of Amherst homeowners, the tax burden of a billionaire who made a bad deal for himself. And donít believe for a minute that heís the only super rich developer knocking on Kulpaís door looking to transfer their tax burden onto the backs of the homeowners. Ka-ching. Ka-Ching. Of course under law the supervisor has no authority to set assessments. That job is for the assessor. But as Kulpa stated to the News he is setting the assessment for Blvd. Mall. He tried to backtrack on his statement later when he was called out on it but it was too late. A classic case of securing the agricultural outbuilding portal subsequent to the equine quadruped absconding.