Next November we will be electing candidates to fill 2 seats on the West Seneca Town Board. If you are interested for running for one of these seats and you are a registered member of the Democrat, Republican, Conservative, or Working Families Party you will need to circulate a designating petition and get the lower of 5% or 500 of your Party's active enrolled members who live in Town to sign it. These signatures must be obtained between 2/23/21 and 4/1/21 and filed with the Erie County Board of Elections between 3/29/21 and 4/1/21.

The form designating petition is available here:

The office you will be running for is:

Town of West Seneca
Erie County
State of New York

You need to register as a candidate and submit reports as explained here:

You can get a list of registered voters using this online form:

The voter list will be final for purposes of this upcoming election on 2/21/21.