The violence that took place at our Capitol is inexcusable and against our ideology of the Rule of Law and a fundamental principle of our Constitution and I condemn it and as a Party and a Nation we all should with one unified voice. Those who facilitated, importuned, incited, encouraged, allowed and engaged in this violence along with those who took advantage of it needs to be held accountable and brought to justice and prosecuted in the proper forum and by the proper jurisdiction, this includes the President and any member of Congress.

My heart and support goes out to the true Patriots of this week USCP Officer Sicknick and the other law enforcement officers who defended our Capitol. And to my fellow veterans who are members of Congress who rose to the occasion of protecting their fellow Congressional members and staff from this violence.

The Rule of Law that is one of the main pillars of our Party’s ideology and Constitution, it requires that we respect the results of our lawful process and use lawful process to enact the changes we desire. Over 60 Courts, both federal and State, Trial Courts and Appellate Courts, by judges appointed or elected of all political persuasions (including some appointed by President Trump) have looked at the various allegations related to the Presidential Election and none have found cause to not certify its results, the people have spoken through their vote. No process is perfect and after Court review the proper remedy to correct any deficiencies in the electoral process is through the various State Legislatures not for Congress to disenfranchise millions of voters.

As a Party we must decide if we are a Party of our ideology or a Party of a candidate. Look what being a party of a candidate has done to us, on the federal level we went from controlling both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch to losing it all. This was not lost in one election; we lost the support of a majority of voters who voted. I choose ideology and if a majority of my Party chooses candidate – it will no longer be a Party for me.