I read in the shoe shine rag that western New York avoided another Riverbend-style economic development disaster...this time at hands of the hapless Poloncarz. The ubiquitous Amazon was supposedly going to build a huge distribution center ( I know, I know, we’ve heard the same song and dance before. Grand a island comes immediately to mind. Amazon must love coming here and tormenting hapless losers like a Poloncarz). on the dead zone known as the Bethlehem Steel site. According the the rag, the alleged deal that a Poloncarz gave them included no property taxes for years while the whole site had already been cleaned up at our expense. I’m sure the no tax deal was provided out a sincere desire to create economic growth and there was no quid pro quo for any elective officials. Wait, what’s that mouse I hear in the distance...ka-ching, ka-ching. Turns out Amazon walked away again after waltzing Markie around by the Willy for a couple of years.