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Thread: Unmasked fans at the football Game

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    Unmasked fans at the football Game

    While watching the football game on 10-10-20 between Oklahoma and Texas. The TV camera would occasionally scan the fans at the game.
    I was surprised to see about 60% of the fans were not wearing masks.
    It's no wonder the the Coronavirus is spiking.
    Russia didn't make me vote for Trump, Hillary did.

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    The difference is that in states with effective governance the death toll isn’t blowing through the roof as it has in NYS, NJ and states with fools as governors. We're in the 8th month of Coronavirus and no other State has close to the number of deaths that Cuomo gave us in 8 weeks. “If you’re sick stay home. Don’t go to your doctor.” That ranks right up there with “Vote for Cuomo” as some of the worst advice ever given. And if you believe Cuomo and Wilhelm, er, DeBlasio those people are all Jews because, according to Cuomo and Wilhelm, er, DeBlasio, Jews are spreading the disease. As I’ve said previously, those 2 almost make me believe in reincarnation. I can see those 2 idiots 700 years ago blaming the Jews for the Plague.

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