ERIE COUNTY EXECUTIVE MARK POLONCARZ PRACTICES SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WEARING A MASK IN CLOSE QUARTERS--NOT TODAY FOLKS!!!In a group photo taken at the South Park Golf course on Saturday evening, September 26, 2020-- Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz give us photographic evidence that he does not practice what he preachers.
Standing in close quarters with 17 other people, he is shown celebrating a golfing victory with friends.
While we have absolutely no problem with people having fun and enjoying themselves, remember this photo-----
Remember it the next time Poloncarz lectures you, or sends his health department people out to harass you folks who own or patronize restaurants, taverns, or live music venues. Remember it when you walk into Hortons for a coffee and they demand you go thru the charade of wearing a mask to walk 20 feet to sit at your table and drink a coffee. And, never forget the Poloncarz Cover-up of the 38 plus migrant workers who contracted the COVID19 virus. Poloncarz clamped a lid of secrecy on the entire matter because it did not fit his pro-illegal alien narrative.
Mark Poloncarz---you are a hypocrite!