Matt Szalkowski is running for New York State Assembly He's a prosecutor, not a politician. Let's send someone with integrity to bring common sense back to Albany.

Matt Szalkowski is a prosecutor, not a politician. He has spent his career fighting for justice in Erie County. In the face of Andrew Cuomo’s “Criminal Justice Reform” and a ballooning state deficit, Matt is running for State Assembly as a proven fighter for justice, ethics, and the taxpayer-first agenda.

Matt has prosecuted hundreds of cases of all types. For the past seven years, Matt has given a voice to the voiceless in our community, fighting for justice and the rule of law. While Andrew Cuomo and Albany Politicians continue to treat criminals like victims, Matt is standing up to protect his community.

Matt was raised in a working-class household, where he was taught there are no shortcuts in life – you have to work. His family came from Lackawanna where his father, Mark, worked long hours in the restaurant business, and where his grandfather worked at Bethlehem Steel after serving in Europe during World War II.

As a result of his upbringing, Matt was inspired to follow a career path into public service. After graduating from college, he decided he wanted to be a prosecutor. While in law school, in addition to a rigorous course load, he sought out every opportunity to serve the public throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut — including one unpaid internship that had him commute two hours each way to Boston for an entire summer. In his last summer of law school, he returned home to Buffalo to intern at the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.