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Thread: Erie County legislators want 'report of justification' for shutdowns

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    Erie County legislators want 'report of justification' for shutdowns

    Erie County legislators want 'report of justification' for shutdowns

    The Erie County Health Department can continue to shut down local restaurants and bars that violate state orders regarding capacity, social distancing and other reopening requirements in the age of Covid-19.

    But Republican-supported members of the Erie County Legislature want the county to provide complete, written justification within 48 hours of a county shutdown order.

    Poloncarz, legislators spar as bar and restaurant complaints surge

    Erie County continues to be deluged with complaints about bars and restaurants violating Gov. Andrew Cuomo's emergency orders regarding social distancing and capacity mandates to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at food and drink establishments. More than 2,000 complaints have been investigated overall, including 84 so far in August.

    "And it's only Aug. 5, so they've been very, very busy," Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein said of the department's health inspectors.

    "That would be a waste of money, it would be a waste of time and our health sanitarians have more important things to do, a lot of things to do at this point," he said.

    "That would be a waste of money........"

    That never stopped many elected official in the past why would that come into play now?

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    Pressure is mounting on the Democratic Totalitarians. Their state leader, Il Douche, has lost 2 federal court lawsuits over his attempt to stifle religious freedom under the guise of “fighting the pandemic”. He and his useless worthless state attorney general caved in a hurry in the face of a $500 million class action lawsuit aimed at them personally for their unwarranted and unsupportable discrimination against gyms in New York. Now that there is a federal investigation into the nursing home slaughter in NYS Il Douche has fallen back on the long used defense employed by totalitarians everywhere called to account for the death of innocents...”l was just following orders.”

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