Pool closed, West Seneca installs $3,500 sprinkler to keep kids cool

It's hot. West Seneca's pool is closed. And Covid-19 put an end to the town's summer rec programs. So some Town Board members wanted to do something for the kids.

They came up with this: a $3,500 motion-detection sprinkler system to cool them off.

"We’re showing the kids and the families here in the town that we're trying to do something for the immediate situation we are in," Councilman Joseph Cantafio said.

Perhaps as soon as Monday, West Seneca youngsters looking for relief from the heat will be running through a 40-head sprinkler system behind Town Hall near the West Seneca Lions Club bandshell.


$3500 bucks to keep the kids cool. I bet most home owners don't mind this purchase at all.

Only question I have is... Are those electrical boxes so close to the sprinklers?