Il Douche’s chained cur, Zucker, comes up with a bogus laughable report, excusing Il Douche for the thousands of nursing home deaths caused by his failed, perhaps criminal, policy ordering those sick with Coronavirus, into nursing homes. It was “peer reviewed” by hospitals, the same hospitals that asked Il Douche to implement the policy, the same hospitals that are among Il Douche’s largest contributors, the same hospitals that were the beneficiaries of Il Douche’s language secretly inserted into the state budget that gives hospitals absolute immunity from lawsuits for their butchery of New Yorkers in the Coronavirus “emergency” Now we find out that Il Douche’s boy, Poloncarz, is holding up millions in payments from the state due to nursing homes while other counties routinely process the same payments in a timely manner. Is there ever an end to the corruption that is the Democratic Totalitarian party?