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    Bison Baseball

    Only can laugh at this stuff. You can now go to a bisons game with limited attendance of 2000 fans and a covid test and SD.

    They don't even get that many people at a regular game without the limited number of people in a season. Again the media in this area just think that is front-page news. Like the Jays last year that played here. These goofy sports people on TV and news paper jumping around like a bunch of goofballs. What did it do people couldn't see any games and the players were locked up in the hote and they brought covid to the area. They acted like that when Jack was coming to the sabres what has he done? nothing but cry for the last three seasons now wants out of here.
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    Or they got Covid while they were here. Don’t forget Cheekman, at the height of Covid, Erie N.Y. had more cases than Allegany County, PA and Cuyahoga County, OH, combined, thanks to the failed leadership of Poloncarz and his political hack that passes for a health commissioner.

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