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Thread: DNC Claims July 4th Celebration, Mount Rushmore ‘Glorify White Supremacy’

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    Quote Originally Posted by WNYresident View Post
    Hillary is evil. Yeah she is.


    The name sounds familiar. I do recall the name Hillary for something.

    Does she have anything to do with President Trump's re-election campaign or something like that this year?

    Hillary??? Hmmmmmm Now you got me going.

    I won't sleep until I remember who this Hillary is.

    Has anyone else heard of her?
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    Everyone knows #HillaryClinton and #BarackObama have been interfering with President Trump - his campaign and fascilitating insurgent groups. #Obama brags about #OFA and how he has over 30,000 active activist helping push his agenda. They post on every level of social media - recruit and train college aged people to work against our President !

    Their groups facilitate and engage in protests - riots - looting while blaming everything on our President. They both have received money and assistance from people like George Soros and others trying to cause a revolution in #America.

    They brought US over 10 million unwanted illegal immigrants - now they want to allow them to vote without being a citizen or even having actual personal identification.

    Much of the protests and riots we see today are instigated by those who support the #Democrat Socialist Global Government. They use the cause of the day as a cover for their destabilizing efforts and turn everything into political propaganda.

    I understand Breezy is used to taking to his knee for his party - but for most #Americans we reject that and we will fight to retake our Nation . It must be sad for you - your entire life and identity has been built on deception and self aggrandizement - yet you have nothing - ever wonder why so many close to your are gone ? (R.I.P.)

    Early Obama agenda building = Revolution Through Illegal Immigration
    #Dems play musical chairs + patronage and nepotism = entitlement !

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