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Thread: Bullets fly in the city on a hot night.

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    So what do you think the answer is cheekman?

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    Friday morning, three people were shot in Buffalo and two died. Buffalo Police say they’re still investigating to see if those shootings are connected.

    Res on the news tonight the buffalo peace guys say the violence is from guns now that was a great answer. who knows what the answer is now the cop's hands are tied more and more by erkel. mayor erkel said after today's shootings this upsets him. This guy is such a waste only thing he worries about is canalside and school zone cameras. The rest of the CC is useless too they have done nothing over the years but say it has to stop. Buffalo cops hands are tied and they of late cant solve a case the only thing they're good for is saying if you have any information call buffalo PD...... National guard patrol the streets in hummers and 50cal mounted on top along with the NY state police showing more presence all over the city I would leave Howard's cops out they get into too much trouble with how they handle people. Its gangs and drugs and black thugs controlling these parts of the city. I always said about 12 cat D9's and just plow down these parts of the city and never rebuild. Cheektowaga has been getting more of the thugs moving into the Harlem dist over the years from the city. Now getting more and more Muslims moving in cheek. they will be in the same boat soon.
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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