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POLITICIANS pandering to MOB RULE to save their own elected a$$ in future elections...at the expense of the general public..removing statues of our countries' iconic historical leaders...whether deemed positive or negative in the eyes of our current social justice opinions is wrong..how will future generations ever learn from our past..so it does not repeat itself?? Whats next..burning books?
People of ALL color should take a step back and realize those " agitators" leading these groups have their own personal anti govt agendas and are leading them by the nose ..like sheep!
Violence is NOT he answer ...and too many are caught up in this frenzy..only to prolong the hopeful healing of our society of its' past wrongs...and perpetuating continued racism that will continue to divide us!
yep and again mayor who has been in office way to long and his liberal council. He has done nothing to stopp the killings and shootings. but the idiot just made another pannel examining police practies. one is the naacp that is a racist org this guy is a nut case.how many commissions does this guy have. anothe racists bunch citizen action of ny, how about this one the citys chief diversity officer.