I have been posting in a few facebook groups and I clearly see how some people think.

There was a thread started that said Cheektowaga is considered racist to many and what can be done the change that appearance.

The person I'm talking to sent this over to read.


We are about to lose the George Floyd movement.

All of us. Democrats and Republicans. Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump. Plus, all of those who don't find themselves necessarily on a team or not.

Mr. Floyd died on May 25th, twelve days ago. The media attention started building the next day. We are nearing the end of the two-week news cycle for Mr. Floyd.

We've been through the media rage. We've been through the protests. The riots. We've been through the politicians and talking heads taking their position. We've been through the arrest of the offending officers. Today, we're talking about another police assault on an elderly white man.

The news is running out of talking points on this story. The cycle is almost up. Not to mention, the 14-day COVID-19 incubation period for the first round of protesters comes later next week. If the protests caused a second wave of the Corona virus, that is what the news will be loaded with.

And the George Floyd movement is gone. And we all know this!!!

Now, I am going to be talking to Democrats and Republicans separately here, because I know you both have your own agendas. For note, I am neither. I abandoned party politics a long time ago. Meaning, I don't agree with your side on a fundamental level, but I also don't agree with your enemy on a fundamental level.
Don't shoot the messenger, is what I'm saying.

Civil rights is not a political issue. It's not owned by a political party. The Democrats don't own civil rights anymore than Republicans own Christianity. Those are personal choices, not political ones.
You get to decide how active you're going to be when a civil rights violation occurs. You decide how empathetic and sympathetic you are to those that are different than you. Just like you get to decide how involved in the Christian church you're going to be, or not, or celebrate a different faith completely.
You get to decide that, not your political party. Your political party WANTS to tell you what to believe. And you can let them, if you want. Or, you could be a Republican that's Pro-Choice, if you want. You can be a Democrat that disagrees with certain tax increases. That is absolutely your personal decision.
That said: Democrats, I'm going to start with you first. Your side has been saying that you want legislation to prevent the police from targeting blacks/minorities for decades now. And, you have all been failing. Not just a few misses here and there, but completely failing at everything.
You Democrats mainly don't even seem to know what needs to be done to curb systemic racism to begin with. It's not just a matter of passing a bill that says “No more choke holds, copper!” then sit back with a PBR and watch X-Treme NPR Sports.

There are a ton of things that are well documented that need to be done to curb systemic racism, which, in turn will slow the rate in which police will have the authority to abuse minorities.

Universal Income Equality, for one. Basically, an income investment that prevents any American from being impoverished. And jack up that poverty line. No American can live on $14k a year and not live in the slums eating meatless Hamburger Helper every night.

Yes, Republicans, I know this sounds like redistribution of wealth. Calm down, I'm talking to the Democrats right now. I'll hit your needs later. And, I know the whole structure of competitive labor for competitive pay. I'm painting in broad strokes here. And, the broad stroke is that we need to eliminate poverty completely. The finer points can be detailed by someone smarter than I am.

So, you've eliminated poverty, huh? Now you have to tackle education and zoning. That's huge, because crime rates are universally linked to quality of education and environment. So, on top of Universal Income Equality, you now have to pass Education Equality on a federal level.
This can't be left to the States, because red states will not endorse this. We need education to be fully funded on a federal level, so that low income neighborhoods are educating their students just as well as well as the suburbs.
On top of that, which will ease the Education Equality bill, we also need local governments to design their zoning to prevent prejudicial individuals from not allowing minorities to move out of their neighborhoods, and diversify with the white populous.
See, that's just three things, and none of that has to do with the police. It has to do with the war zones. Those neighborhoods in every city that, due to poverty, poor education and the inability to evacuate, leads to high crime rates. High crime rates leads to a high police presence. Not to mention, it makes police wonder what's going on when they see a minority outside of their “predestined zone.”

Again, I haven't even talked about how to re-evaluate the police presence. I've just talked about getting the inherent racism out of our economic structure, and only the broad strokes.

I haven't even gotten into black-owned businesses and such. I haven't talked about restructuring politics to ensure minorities have a platform to speak before any bills are passed, to ensure they have some sort of representation. I haven't talked about the generations of Americans that fear young, black men because of their portrayal in the fictional and non-fiction media.
Yeah, this is very, very complex, Democrats. There are many things that need to be done to curb systemic racism and police brutality. You guys all want to be the voice of the oppressed, yet you haven't made a friggin dent in the system.
It's been decades now, Democrats!

You just like to say it's the Republicans' fault. That they're so rich and powerful, yet so racist and self-serving that you can't make anything happen. Can I remind you that just ten years ago, you had a SUPER MAJORITY WITH OBAMA in the White House. And during that tenure, you couldn't even get healthcare passed. I don't even remember getting systemic racism on the docket, even though you absolutely could have.

Democrats, it's time to just realize that you have failed, and failed hard. Not in your ideals, but in your friggin' leadership. You keep electing the wrong people over and over again. So, let me give you something to consider...
Republicans, I'm turning to you now. I realize that you probably hated everything I told the Democrats that they needed to (and failed) to get passed. I'm going to offer you something that you'll love, but please hear me out here.
I don't believe that the Republican party is made up of a bunch corrupt, racist plutocrats, but, man, you make it hard for me to think that. I see your most devout followers on social media every day, proclaiming how everything against their party politics is “a special kind of stupid,” yet offering nothing more than sound bites to back themselves up.
I know you pressed the “liberal media” for many years, but you, the Republicans, have the loudest voice. Everything you say right now is being heard the country over. I just spent umpteen paragraphs blasting the Democrats for their failures and inactions. Why? Because your party has been the one to get its agenda passed.

But, because of the current climate, and the voices of your loudest constituents, it makes a lot of people think that, well, you are racist. That you don't care about the plights of the minorities in America. So... let's work on a way to fix that.
It will require sacrifice on your behalf. The oligarchies, they'll have to go. It's the only way to be able to afford what needs to be done. But, don't look at this as being bad for business. Look at it as being good. It's an investment.

Republicans, your base is small, rural communities that have one industry in a county that keeps everyone employed, be it a coal mine, a steel mill (Editor's note: please delete), a farming district, etc. One large industry to support an entire county, and that county is afraid to lose it.

What if you brought small businessesinto those communities? I mean, yes, they have diners, bars and markets. I get that. But, what if there was more than just one major industry? Maybe a solar energy plant or a wind farm. Just think about that while I build this.

Bringing down the oligarchy will set you free to enable small business across the nation. Yes, you're sacrificing all that sweet, sweet donation money from large business, but at the same time, you're providing the safety net for your constituents, regardless of their political party.

The result will be the influx of economy to allow the U.S. to afford all of that socialist stuff I talked to the Democrats about. A Universal Income Equality, Education Equality, Universal Zoning Equality. At this point, it's not a socialist ideal anymore. It's an investment into American labor and her GDP.

Spreading the GDP out over hundreds/thousands of small businesses, instead of relying upon a handful of globalized corporations that gives their labor funds to other nations, that will shoot up our GDP, but more than that, it will shoot up wages, and in return, shoot up tax revenue.
Thus, the ability to enrich poor, black communities via easy access to equality income, better education and zoning that allows the removal of high crime poor neighborhoods is not a handout. It's an investment. And, one that pays off.

It destroys “crime areas,” which, in turn, destroys the local police forces' fear of patrolling them. Thus, you shouldn't ever have to sit through another George Floyd video ever again. I know you hate that.

Hey, hey, hey! Democrats! I already talked to you. I'm going to turn the conversation back, but you really need to shut the frig up right now, or you are going to ruin everything all over again. I'm talking to the Republicans. No, seriously... shut up! You have failed to solve this problem for the thirty years since Rodney King. I have a plan to get both of you to work together, and you will fail again if you stop me!

Yes, I know I'm trying to bring the Republicans back to 1950s business structure. Just shut up and let me do it! Go watch a video of Joe Biden playing with a kitten for the next few paragraphs.
Shut up. The adults are talking.

Okay, so, I know you Republicans just heard that. Yes, I am trying to play you. Just as much as I'm trying to play the Democrats. I'm trying to pull the two of you together to fix the problem at hand. That problem is black people being unfairly being targeted by the police, so much so that murder is occurring frequently.
I'm sure you have the ability to see why this is a problem. And, even if you can't, I'm sure you're sick of seeing the results of black people getting murdered by the police. But, there is one benefit that you're not thinking of, which I would like to present right now.

Right now, Republicans, you have control of the Senate, well known for its ability to kill bills. Usually, ones sponsored by Democrats. You also have the Trump presidency. And you know how much hate Trump gets from the Democrats.
Here's what I'm offering: imagine if completely proactive, interactive bills that combat all areas of systemic racism get passed and succeed under the Trump administration. Something that benefits all Americans, but particularly black Americans, which have been seen to be denounced by the Republican party.
Imagine how much that would piss the Democrats off, considering how much the Democrats have been vocal on ending systemic racism.
Imagine if those bills were written by, approved and signed for under the friggin' Trump administration. That's why you need to get in on this, and don't short change it. Do it right. And do it now, while there's still momentum.
How to do this... Democrats, get back here, because this includes you, too.
Find every elected official that you can vote for. This means federal, state and local. It's all easy to find on Google. Just put in the time to find who you are allowed to vote for, and how to e-mail them. Then, e-mail them.
It's simple. You tell them that you want real systemic change in the economic and structural change in race relations in America. And you phrase it like this...

“If you have a solid bill proposed before your next election, I will vote for you. If the bill is junk, I will not. If you have no bill, I will not vote for you.”

That gets the point across, but here's the real issue... You need to stick to that, even if it means voting against party lines. Republicans voting for Democrats, Democrats voting for Republicans, dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!
To point: We are about to lose the momentum of the George Floyd situation. It's only days away. And, I see the need for change on both sides, but both sides are not phrasing it right. Tell your legislators that you demand change. Tell them how, if you can find the words.

And, if you can do that, working with your opposite party to make much needed change happen... congratulations! You've finally discovered what a two-party system is supposed to be like.