I started this on facebook June 2nd...I'd rather finish it here.


TonySo how do we start to change some of the "laws" in town like:

If you want a camp fire you can without having food near by? ( still be respectful of your neighbors if they have asthma or something like that). You end up burning down your house it's on you. etc.

No permits for a shed up to like 14 X 14 or 15 X 15?

No permits for other items and so on. Still have to follow common sense. Sometimes it seems to be more of a money grab not a safety concern.

I don't even have a pool but I would be totally fine if a pool didn't effect your assessment.

Literally if us property owners could gain full control of the town board couldn't we make changes in our best interest?

I just saw this Tucker video tonight.

Last 15 or so seconds of the clip...

Should you keep playing along with all of that. Ponder that the next time they demand you get a permit to put up a deck on your own house. Think about it even harder the next time you write a tax check
Tucker makes a point. Why are we putting up with this BS as property owners?