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Thread: misused office to get son-in-law job

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    misused office to get son-in-law job

    Probe: Top US official misused office to get son-in-law job

    A senior Trump administration official misused his office for private gain by capitalizing on his government connections to help get his son-in-law hired at the Environmental Protection Agency, investigators said in a report obtained by The Associated Press.

    The Interior Department's Inspector General found that Assistant Interior Secretary Douglas Domenech reached out to a senior EPA official in person and later by email in 2017 to advocate for the son-in-law when he was seeking a job at the agency.

    Why is this any different compared to when a wife or kid is hired by local government? Family member already is in a department and before you know it wives and kids are working in the same town.

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    Serial sexual abuser and notorious drug abuser President John Kennedy loaded his administration with family, including his mentally disturbed brother as attorney general and his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver as head of the Peace Corp.

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