Paladino Announces Rally to Reopen New York — for Thursday

Gather in Niagara Square at 1pm. – It’s supposed to be nearly 70 degrees and sunny. – INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!
It went from “flatten the curve” to “find a cure”… IT’S TIME TO OPEN!
This is NOT a Trump Rally, this is NOT a Biden Rally or a Democrats VS Republicans. This is ONE VOICE – ONE MASSIVE PROTEST – All parties, all businesses, all New Yorkers.
This is a protest to support one another, to support your local businesses and no matter what party you’r in… let the leaders of New York know, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have the right to be heard!Businesses are drowning. Landlords are struggling. Unemployment is skyrocketing.The leaders of NYS have let his go on long enough. TqI6_99gYIX2mVb-BTE