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Thread: Tesla and Elon Musk reopen California facility

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    Tesla and Elon Musk reopen California facility

    Tesla and Elon Musk reopen California facility, defying orders meant to stem coronavirus spread

    (CNN Business)Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk escalated his standoff with county officials in California on Monday as he announced that the automaker would be "restarting production today against Alameda County rules."

    The decision follows the executive's sharp Twitter outbursts in recent weeks objecting to state lockdown orders meant to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. In a tweet on Monday, Musk said he would be at the factory, "on the line with everyone else."
    "If anyone is arrested, he tweeted, "I ask that it only be me."
    Musk has argued that restrictions closing non-essential businesses put in place by Alameda County, where Tesla's Fremont factory is based, are overly aggressive and unconstitutional. On Saturday, the company filed a federal lawsuit against the county. Musk has also threatened to relocate Tesla's headquarters out of California and suggested he might move manufacturing from there as well.

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    Wait, he’s not reopening the solar panel plant at Riverbend? Oh wait, they’d already swiped $50 million of the equipment out of there and there were never any jobs there in the first place. Wonder where that equipment was headed when they got caught? Perhaps a black market sale with the proceeds to be split among certain interested parties? I wonder if the Empire State Anti-development Corporation might know? Just wondering.

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    Musk .coulda at least took Cuomo with him, when they swiped all that equipment out of Riverbend...another wet dream by Cuomo ..paid for by NY Taxpayers!

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