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Thread: Cuomo out of control

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    Cuomo out of control
    This JOKER know as KING CuoMOE IS OVER THE TOP..where does he think the $$ is coming from to pay local taxes, water, gas and electric on buildings??! Is the local municipal govt going to NOT enforce late payments on property taxes and SUSPEND in rem property tax foreclosures. The MORONIC IDIOT democrats that put him in office I hope are the 1st ones to suffer due to this out of control clown! Giving away everything that many successful property owners who pay artificially high taxes in this state due to his social programs!!
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    He literally shut down businesses.

    We are now seeing the real death rates, how many people really have it and didn't know about it and he is destroying businesses. But it's Trump's false. Perhaps if the NYC Health Commisioner, Mayor and others weren't telling NYS residents to go out and do you thing less lives would have been loss. Saying Trump and others were spreading misinformation about Covid 19 while he was banning travel from China.

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    New York city was gateway into the U.S for virus...delays were imminent due to Debloosio and King Cuomo as cited by this study...and they/democrats have the ignorance to emphasize blame on Trump!

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