I think we can finally put to bed the argument that the disastrous Corona numbers in New York State are due to the uniqueness of New York City. It has JFK, it has the subway, the population is dense yada yada yada. Chicago, like NYC, has 2 major airports and O’Hare is a major international hub. It has the ‘L’ a busy mass transit system. Much the same is true of LA, Dallas and a host of other large cities. And the numbers show that in NYC, the borough with the least dense population, Staten Island, has the highest penetration rate and the densest borough, Manhattan, has the lowest. I’m sure it’s strictly coincidence that the borough with the lowest penetration rate is the one with a lot of major contributors to Il Douche and Wilhelm, er, DiBlasio. And yesterday, the shoe shine rag was finally reporting that Erie county, New York has more cases than Allegheny County, PA (Pittsburgh) and Cuyahoga County Ohio (Cleveland) combined. Those 2 counties have more than twice the population of Erie County. Wonder if the county executives of those counties were busy posting photos of their morning hair as was ours. Nah, they were probably too busy directing their counties’ efforts against the virus to be doing press releases about their hair.