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Thread: The Ruffino Administration: "Had Enough Yet?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark blazejewski View Post

    Kudos to Jennifer Tulumello!

    Is Supervisor Ruffino still learning about this issue and will he eventually get "it right?"

    Criminees, in 2001 Ruffino said that he wanted to focus on the issues arising from growth.

    Now, after 18 years of rubber stamping rezones and development, one should think that Supervisor Ruffino would have prioritized, by public comment and advocacy, this issue, rather than pleading for his personal stipend, stubbornly defending his premature application of authority in LIDA issues, and articulating a commitment to prioritize the "morale" of compensated employees.

    Readers, as Supervisor, Mr. Ruffino has the ultimate bully pulpit to advocate for remediation to this ongoing PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE...
    The public safety issue with the fire hydrants was resolved with the new water line. As the town engineer stated the new waterline increased the volume of water.

    Have a GREAT day,
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    Quote Originally Posted by gorja View Post
    The public safety issue with the fire hydrants was resolved with the new water line. As the town engineer stated the new waterline increased the volume of water.

    Mr. Rinow's February 10, 2020 remarks to the Town Council were in part based on the Buffalo News article...

    ...and these are his comments to the Town Council on February 10, 2020...

    Ms. Tulumello was kind enough to share her experiences in depth. I will let her words respond to your post:

    The water lines were on the list to be upgraded when I spoke at the end of a town board meeting in summer 2017.

    I was presenting a petition that neighbor’s in the Stutzman Road area signed expressing similar experiences with their water. A year well before the fire.

    Then Supervisor, Johanna Coleman asked Mr. Schiller when the lines would be upgraded and he did not know but that they were slated to be done but they weren’t bonded for at that time was my understanding.

    She also asked him if the pressure could be increased at that time and he said, “yes” albeit uncomfortably. I did not know why at that time.

    In September 2018, Coleman is quoted in a Buffalo News story as to not having any knowledge of water pressure issues in that part of town. When our lines were replaced we were expecting at least a small increase and at the summer 2017 meeting, Mr. Schiller made no attempt to say that higher pressure could not be attained as a result of the upgrade.

    In the most recent Buffalo News article, he states that “a lot happens to pressure once the water leaves the street”, presumably setting up an excuse that it is the fault of residential plumbing and not a municipal responsibility. I can assure you that I have had many plumbers out to check this issue out and they could find no problems.

    Then my husband and I started talking to the neighbors (thus the 2017 petition) and come to find out that many people were experiencing the same thing. It has taken years of calling and speaking to various people at the town level as well as ECWA to come to the conclusion that this upgrade would not in fact increase pressure. This was explained to me by a distribution engineer at ECWA. He said any effect could be positive or negative and it would in his opinion be negligible. He then ordered flow studies on a new hydrant at ADDRESS REDACTED Stutzman in October 2019.

    I saw an ECWA employee checking pressures within two days of my phone conversation with the engineer from ECWA. I was told I would receive an email of the report but not to expect it too soon. I waited two months, contacted them engineer again. He sent me an email saying that the test was being reassigned to another engineer. Nothing ever happened. No report has been made available.

    Also since late summer 2019, I had been in touch with WM Schutt’s office about the issue and I was told to wait and see after it was all said and done. They sent out a worker to do a static flow test on one of my hose bibs. The measured pressure before water line replacement was 37 psi. After replacement, the static test measured 30 psi. The worker had me turn on a couple faucets and the pressure dropped to 15 psi with NO RECOVERY. The worker told me that basically the pressure is what it is and I would have to deal with it.

    No one from Schutt’s office ever addressed this with me and that is why I reached out to someone at ECWA.

    A developer also wants to put 24 homes up on a fully surrounded (by existing homes) parcel between Stutzman and East Home. With every development our neighborhood has seen in the last approximately 20 years, we have had a corresponding decrease in water pressure.

    So now what?

    Fire in 2018 on Pleasant View across the street from Stutzman and 24 MORE houses!

    The town needs to start doing right by their taxpayers!!
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    My parents have lived in that area for 30 years and the pressure has always been terrible. I live on the other side of Central and have decent pressure. For the pressure to be that bad for that long is mind boggling. 30 psi? I get better pressure in my camper with a pressure regulator to keep it down! There's no way its the supply lines to the house, because there are multiple ages of homes and different builders. If that were the case, the pressure would be inconsistent between the turn of the century homes on Pleasant View, mid century homes on Stutzman and 80's/90's builds in Heritage Hills, Hillview Estates and sprinkled in elsewhere.

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    From the February 12, 2020 Lancaster Bee:

    Questions raised regarding ‘inappropriate activity,’ potential LIDA violations
    February 12, 2020


    Lancaster Town Council Member Robert Leary submitted a letter to the Lancaster Industrial Development Board Tuesday regarding allegations of inappropriate activity that was brought to his attention.

    The inappropriate activity surrounds potential violations of the LIDA by-laws and other LIDA-related issues, that require action and corrections, he wrote.

    His letter included several questions and concerns that he requested be addressed and answered in writing. The 25 questions range from when Town Supervisor Ron Ruffino Sr. was officially elected chairman, members of the LIDA board, and details of the contract between the LIDA board and the Town of Lancaster to pay $30,000 for “Administrative Support.”

    “These are just questions at this point,” Leary said. “I’m not making any decisions on what comes back.”

    Leary said he will wait to act further until the attorney responds to the questions.

    The LIDA Board was a topic at the Feb. 3 Lancaster Town Board work session, where Ruffino addressed some of Leary’s concerns. After heated discussion between Leary and Ruffino regarding Leary’s concerns, Ruffino stated he was new in his position and still learning.

    One of Leary’s concerns in the letter he wanted addressed was an interaction between Ruffino and the administrative secretary and records management officer, Mary Nowak. According to Leary, Ruffino told Nowak to turn over all LIDA records before he was officially elected LIDA chairman. At the Feb. 3 work session, Leary asked Ruffino if he “ordered” the person in charge of records to turn over the records before he was the chairman, and Ruffino said no.

    “The person came up to me and asked if she was going to still be it, and I didn’t make a decision,” Ruffino responded at the work session. “I went down there and she gave me everything, so I didn’t order her at all.”

    Leary also questioned in the letter was whether there was anything in the LIDA by-laws, or any stated or unstated contract that LIDA has to elect the Lancaster Town Supervisor as the chairman of LIDA, and also hire his staff as employees of LIDA. Ruffino stated at the work session that numerous supervisors have always been appointed chairman of LIDA.

    Leary also questioned whether new LIDA member David Visone took and filed an oath of office within 30 days of appointment. If Visone did not file an oath of office, Leary inquired whether or not his seat is now vacant, and if the town board will be notified of the vacancy.

    Leary said he is not sure when he will receive answers, but he requested responses as soon as possible.

    Ruffino stated at the work session that LIDA is a completely separate government agency.

    “First of all, LIDA has nothing to do with the town board, except appointing people,” Ruffino said.

    Leary said the appointment of LIDA board members dictates what happens on the LIDA board.

    “Part of it you’ll hear, is all we do is appoint the members,”

    Leary said. “That’s not quite true because they pay our town employees for their assistance.”

    Leary also said there are 71 properties listed online that receive tax breaks from LIDA, which impacts the Town of Lancaster.

    “We have interests in all those different things going on,” Leary said. “It’s not just you appoint the people and we’re done, we still have interests because we have funds coming in. We have to know where they go and if [the funds are] properly spent and also what’s going on with all the properties.”
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