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Thread: Ricky Gervais rips Hollywood

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    Ricky Gervais rips Hollywood

    Ricky Gervais rips Hollywood

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    They just can't help themselves. Michelle Williams has on multiple occasions in the past thanked Harvey Weinstein when collecting an award and then goes out and gives an interview saying how the #metoo movement has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her life.

    Then she comes out and suggests that she needs to open the curtains for women all over the US and tell them how they need to step up and step in line to her line of thinking. The arrogance she has in suggesting that women have been voting against their interests because they have been voting against her interests is about as Hollywood as it gets.

    She is the epitome of the sheltered and uneducated Hollywood narcissist that was called out by Gervais. She did not even graduate HS, got by with an in-home tutior so she could work, but thinks she is the one who should speak for women in the US. Women who are much more educated than her, women who have been able to achieve their goals without needing an abortion. The fact that she said she would not have been able to have her career without the right to have an abortion makes her a pathetic mess. As if women are so helpless that they need a backstop of abortion to prevent them from going through life and accidentally to fall on a penis without birth control. That it's 'courageous' to recklessly have sex and then conveniently take an abortion so that they don't miss out on pilot season.

    Many women out there are mothers and didn't order an abortion because they didn't want to take responsibility for their actions or because they felt like their work was just going too well at the time.
    The women that she thinks she is speaking for and speaking to finder her pathetic and they find her actions disgusting. So all over America were exhausted soccer mom not looking forward to work the next day watching this tw*t ramble on. Hearing this dummy tell them how they need to be, how they have been living their life wrong and letting men rule...all the while looking down at their kids, kids they found a way to have and still work.

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    I wonder how many actresses MADE IT TO THE TOP, by accommodating their bodies to the whims of those who could help them.???..probably hundreds were on their back on the casting couch!! Now they're successful, and feel guilty for the way they got their break into success, THEY lnew they could of said NO!! But their desire for STARDOM exceeded any MORAL CHARACTER they had!

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