With a cast of characters that rivals the makeup of characters in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World” already declared for the Presidency, the Democratic Totalitarians aren’t through yet. The field already included a nut case old woman who thinks she’s a Cherokee, a former Vice President who we recently learned was being investigated by his own President for repeated conflicts of interest and is known for his years long commitment to dishonesty, at least one who may be completely whacky; now two more characters have jumped in. The world’s second largest mental institution, known colloquially as Massachusetts, has placed another candidate in the ring, some clown who is a former governor of that institution. As almost everyone knows, being governor of Massachusetts is roughly the equivalent of being kitchen help to the Kennedy Klan. His campaign got off to a whiz bang start when 2 people showed up at one of his first events. And just to make the field complete they’ve added a midget to the group, one who may well have violated federal law by offering to pay a government official to take an official act.