I have been decluttering recently and getting rid of things. I am not rich or even close to wealthy. I am middle middle class, sometimes the budget is tight but over all we live pretty comfortably. I have so much crap! Some of it is used, other is just being got rid of (mostly kid stuff). But even the stuff I use I don't really need.

I am seriously apprectiating what I have in life. Most people in this world don't even have a decent home and while my house isn't a mansion or out in the country like I would like, I have a pretty decent home. I don't have a huge yard but atleast I have one.

Americans are always trying to have more, we should all try to live on less. I am guilty of it too. My biggest expense of things I don't need is probably books and movies.

What about you? Do you realize that you are spoiled? The poorest homeless person in america eats better than some children in Africa. We are always whining about we don't have then buying crap we don't need. Do you really need an ipod? Always wanting more.. How many ipods have you gotten since the tecnology was out there? How many cars do you have?

I know we know about being thrifty in Buffalo and we are a poor city. But we are so rich in comparrison.

Btw I still use CDs, I am old school. Maybe I will start a limited tecnology cult. haha