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Thread: Town Wide Assessment Vote

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    Town Wide Assessment Vote

    I personally do not feel we need to do a Cheektowaga town-wide assessment, but I would love to know what you think? Please vote in the below poll:

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    How do they feel that's fair for those who got reassessed 2 years in a row and the rest of the town kept their old assessment?

    This sounds like the supervisor is trying to scare people away from fair assessments.
    What this means is that your taxes will be based on your full market value and not your assessed value. If you look at your tax bill now, you are being taxed on your assessed value which is much lower than your full market value. With the skyrocketing prices of what homes are selling for, this could mean huge increases in your assessed values with a new town-wide 100% full market value assessment. A "YES" vote would mean you are in favor of a full-market value assessment and a "NO" vote would mean you are NOT in favor of a full-market value assessment.

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    Georgia Schlager

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