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Thread: The KKK is going to have a meetup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezy View Post
    Hey, pal, I didn't post the thread, WNYresident did. I just commented on it. And, any idiot can write it was a prank AFTER the news media reported that - days after the original thread.

    Anyway, the Dems in the past should be ASHAMED for supporting the KKK, and I do recall a lot of soul searching and apologies by them. Yes they were scum of the earth for that stain on the country. Here we are in 2019 and we see no Dems promoting these hate groups, we see scum of the earth right wingers and GOP types.

    grump you still sound foolish with that Totalitarians crap, esp when all the other hard right GOP types are using the Socialism smear. Dunce!

    Heck, the local GOP uses these white nationalistic campaign tactics all the time.
    You’re right; the Democratjc Totalitarians don’t openly support the Klan. They support its race hatred as we are treated to almost daily antiSemitic rants by party opinion leaders like Omar, Tlaib AOC, Sharpton and the usual crew, none of which, none of which are repudiated by the official party leadership. The Democratic Totalitarian Party has a long well documented history of race and religious hatred, including such shining lights of the Party as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, KKK member a Harry Truman and the lust goes on and on. How dan use of term “ Socialism” be considered a smear when Bernie Sanders is openly and proudly proclaiming his socialism and his goal of turning America into Venezuela?

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    And notice the hypocrites running under the DNC? Using plastic straws, flying around in jets and large SUVs. I expect them to be carrying reusable straws and either driving electric cars or even better. Bikes.

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    !924-25 Erie County KKK membership directory

    I found a great uncle and a cousin 3 times removed on the list

    Have a GREAT day,
    Georgia Schlager

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