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Buffalo, NY - For almost 5 months now, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has had a 24/7 security detail accompanying him around Erie County in a county owned SUV with no information as to why taxpayers should be funding this detail. Since the armed detail started in March, county taxpayers have received no explanation on the status of any investigation that would require this detail or update as to whether any alleged threats would be deemed serious.

On July 3rd and July 4th, Mark Poloncarz and his political campaign participated in 6 parades (East Aurora, Grand Island, Lancaster, Cheektowaga, Akron and Orchard Park). At every parade, his taxpayer funded security escorted him on the route, and in at least one parade, he used his taxpayer funded vehicle (with lights flashing) as a campaign prop. The security detail, who are simply performing their duties they've been assigned, were also earning holiday pay.

In the recently released July 2019 New York State financial disclosure report, the Poloncarz campaign showed no reimbursement to county taxpayers for using county resources to campaign. Hopefully, County Executive Poloncarz and Sheriff Tim Howard are willing to answer a few questions on this matter so that taxpayers may be properly reimbursed.

"This is simply put, an abuse of taxpayer dollars. Mark Poloncarz used taxpayer funded personnel and his taxpayer funded county vehicle to campaign. The lack of respect shown to county residents is shocking even coming from him. To have his county SUV driving down parade routes with flashing lights, flanked by his armed county funded security detail as children line the streets reaching for candy is completely inappropriate and a waste of tax dollars. In addition, if the threat is truly real and serious, it's dangerous," said Lynne Dixon. "This is an abuse of taxpayer dollars and an abuse of his position as County Executive. These things aren't his own personal perk as County Executive that he can use however he wants. I'm calling on the County Executive to reimburse county taxpayers for the cost incurred to them on July 3rd and July 4th, when he misused county personnel and a county vehicle to benefit his campaign."