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Thread: Common Sense Letter to the Editor

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    Common Sense Letter to the Editor

    Saw this yesterday in the Buffalo News, letter to the editor (says it all in a quick read)...

    Here is hoping voters have had it with Trump

    This administration, with the complicity of the Party of Trump, has done so many things that work against this country and the world and against common decency as to be overwhelming. Unless of course you are a member of Donald Trump’s aptly named “base.” Since those people will not likely ever apply for re-entry into the human race it is up to the rest of us to prove that we are capable of out-voting them.

    We will know 16 months from now whether there are more of us or more of them. Forgetting about his having turned his back on science, truth, the rule of law and his own national security experts with respect to climate change, Russian election interference, his own nepotism and his trashing of the separation of church and state – forgetting about all this, the insensitivity and callousness and un-Christian behavior of this president, his congressional apologists and his supporters regarding the treatment of asylum seekers at our southern border alone ought to be enough to make any American of conscience throw Trump and his Republican co-conspirators out of office.

    Time will tell if we are to regain the honor that used to be associated with America, or whether we will all be complicit in the continuation of the current moral devolution of our nation.

    My waning confidence in American values may well expire in November of next year.

    John Nelson

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    It all depends on whom the democrats choose to run for president.
    If they select a candidate from the far left. Trump will win.
    Russia didn't make me vote for Trump, Hillary did.

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    I'm pretty sure Trump is going to win either way. Far left or not.

    Economy rocks, we have witnessed the utter nonsense with the DNC working with foreign agents/FBI to create a "Russian"hoax and honestly look at the characters as the last two debates. Now lets factor in the DNC including democratic members statewide who are clearly putting people of other foreign countries above their own citizens. Including laying the cost on USA citizens.

    And did you all catch the "do you support giving illegal aliens health care" and they all raised their hands yes. They can shove it up their butt. Wasn't Obama going to fine USA citizens for not having health insurance yet we have the DNC saying they support giving illegal aliens heath care for free?

    And I'm going to beat the drum about the They support this nonsense including all the local members/town board people who go to organizational meetings and fund raisers.

    Just picture if Bernie "give it away" Sanders was candidate. Don't you think the would support his run 2020?

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