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Thread: From small Towns to Washington the Dem controllers use the same vicious tactics !

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    Angry From small Towns to Washington the Dem controllers use the same vicious tactics !

    Cuomo's newest tax funded party bull dog takes aim at President Trump !

    "The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, is the latest example of Democratic state attorneys general suing the Trump administration. James just took office at the beginning of the year and has quickly made it clear that she's going to aggressively pursue legal action against the president's business dealings and policies"

    Thu January 3, 2019 CNN : "James campaigned on promises to investigate the President and his business dealings and has pushed for the passage in the state assembly's first 100 days of legislation that would allow her to pursue state charges for anyone the President pardons on federal charges -- a hedge against any efforts by Trump to undo convictions won by special counsel Robert Mueller or federal prosecutors investigating various Trump associates"

    She stated she was going to go after President Trump - the Dem controllers new excuse key word is "Oversight"

    What they mean is thats their excuse/cover for continual tax funded law bending intimidation/harassment and insurgency.

    How much more before Americans get visible - how much more before we see peaceful rallies of support for our President ? Are we gonna sit posting on the internet all summer while they run him out of office and bankrupt his family ?

    #StandUp and #SpeakUp = #GetVisibleNow This is a total attack on Democracy !
    #Dems play musical chairs + patronage and nepotism = entitlement !

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    Wait, werenít we already told that Trumpís pardon authority didnít apply in New York or some such crap? And New York State canít just prosecute people unless they commit a crime in New York. These people are so full of it that it makes me laugh. The truly funny part...our state attorney general couldnít find her own name in the phone book. She can pursue Trumpís policies as soon as someone explains them to her in simple words the she can actually understand.
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